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Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Waiting on the Powers That Be

So I sent it in. Two prescriptions, one letter of intent, several pages of information, and one letter from me. Straight to the medical management area. Seeking a prior authorization for one MiniMed Real-Time System.


I feel like it was ages ago that I first blogged my intent to get one of these suckers. When I first blogged that I’d heard through the grapevine that these things are being approved in some instances by insurance. So long ago it feels an eternity. The eternity BEFORE my world was rocked by autism, and then juvenile diabetes AGAIN.

And it seems we have come full circle, in around seven months. Not bad.

Easter is coming up. My life has so often followed the seasons of the church. I can mark the joys and trials of my life with the seasons of the church. It is amazing how every year this holds true. Last year through advent we were struggling with new diabetes and autism diagnoses. This year through lent and soon easter, we embrace so many new blessings. Sandis’s IEP conciliation conference is tomorrow and hopefully much will be resolved. Sandis will move forward in this new year with a special education plan. We plan as a family to a move to a much bigger, nicer place(with a garage and a playground!). Gracie embarks on her own diagnosis journey. Many, many doors were opened with Sandis’s SSI approval. And we are about to celebrate a new easter. A new rising. A life reborn. Our New Year.

Every year we celebrate this and every year I see the parallels between the church seasons and my own life. And there is so much comfort in the rhythmn of my life. And there is joy. And I have so many expectations of more joy to come.


Maddy said...

I used to be a church attendee and I found the cyclical calendar reassuring and calming. best wishes

Minnesota Nice said...

Sarah, one of your many strengths is the ability to see the good around you. A valuable lesson for us all.

Minnesota Nice said...
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