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Saturday, March 24, 2007

It Has Been A Long Week

Sandis has some evil virus + strep throat from the God's above that has kept me home from work one full day and 2 half days. 103 fever. Lucky boy. He isn't feeling all that hot, obviously, and is fairly mellow, and it is all I can do just to push fluids into him. It is amazing how he does manage to play despite the high fever. I'm considering bringing him back to the doctor if his fever isn't cleared up by tomorrow.

I have learned something useful this week. I have FMLA at work for: my diabetes, Gracie's diabetes, Gracie's neuromuscular condition, and Sandis's autism spectrum disorder. I did NOT know that I could also get FMLA coverage for Sandis's recurrent sore throats and strep throat. It never even occurred to me! So here I am damaging my attendance rate and using up my vacation and non-paid time for a condition I can use FMLA for. Well, that being said, I had the Dr. fill out the forms and we are covered for this week. This eases a lot of burdens for me. So, if you have a child who is recurrently sick with the same thing, look into FMLA. Federal protection baby. And the last thing you need, if you are working, is to lose that job. Not a good thing.

The three bedroom/2 bath apartment I put money down on didn't work out. Chalk it up to the credit hitlers at the management company for the apartments. On the flip side, I found a gread 3 bedroom/1.5 bath TOWNHOME (yes...upstairs AND downstairs) with a front door that opens up to a PLAYGROUND that costs 130 dollars LESS than the apartment. I'm thinking that sometimes God works in the greatest ways. This is also through the Housing Coalition, which is much more flexible in their credit standards than the hitlers that be at the OTHER management company. I'm waiting for the final word on the townhome, but I'm expecting good things from this. Also, did I mention that we would have a GARAGE? Please remember I live in a small, cramped, 2 bedroom apartment in probably the only non-secure building in Saint Cloud. Things like upstairs and downstairs and garages are damn near gold in my opinion. They are also things that have been unobtainable until very recently.

Damn I am blessed!

I got the paperwork to begin the appointment process for the DANA program at the Mayo Clinic for the kids. I also got Gracie's paperwork for the Noran neurological center which Gracie goes to in June. We are moving along. Yes we are. There is a lot to do, but we are busy, and our horizons are opening up!


Kris said...

God does things for a reason! You didn't get the first apartment because something better was waiting for you.

We have a nasty bug going around here too. No fun at all. I hope Sandis feels better soon!

Amberthyme said...

Have a wonderful weekend! I'm glad things are looking up.

Minnesota Nice said...

When one door closes, another one opens.

Nina said...

You truly just blow me away. I admire your courage in everything and it really puts my absolutely petty issues into perspective. I'm really rooting for you guys! Also, I don't know if I ever missed this post but where did you get the name Sandis? It's a realy great name!

Chrissie in Belgium said...

That townhouse sounds fabulous. You think you have lost the greatest and then this comes along. SUPER! Townhouses are fun b/c they keep you moving, going up and down, up and down. I love townhouse living! The garage and playground...... that is a super duper. I will cross my fingers and hold my thumbs for you and Sandis and Gracie. Thanks for commenting on my blog - I missed you!