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Thursday, March 08, 2007

Endocrinologist Revisited

The other day I had my quarterly, thirdly (something along those lines) endo visit. We went over some pretty exciting things this visit, so I figured I would share.

To begin with, I obtained a letter from my doctor pertaining injectables (blah blah blah blah) to have on hand for my flight to my mom’s graduation in May. I also set up a shot plan (I’ve never had one, well not with Lantus, only Regular) for if (rather when) my pump breaks. So next time my pump decides to visit the great God above, I’ll shoot myself with 12 units of lantus and say good-bye to pump therapy for at least 24 hours.

We also discussed my desire (need, infatuation, neurotic obsession) to obtain the Minimed CGMS pump system. This time she was completely on board with me, although the past two visits she really wasn’t. I have documented hypoglycemic unawareness which has at least one time resulted in a car accident (passed out behind the wheel, whole nother story). She told me she would write a letter to the insurance company for me which states that essentially I could die without one and that would leave my two special needs children without a mother and that basically, they could be liable for my death if they don’t pay for this CGMS system. My doctor is a freak, she rocks! She was grinning the whole time, having just come off getting a CGMS system approved for another gal through her insurance using a similar letter. We’ll see what happens with that eh?

On to A1c, I had such grand ideas eh? 6.5? haha. I went from a 6.8 last visit to a 7.2 this visit. Meh. I don’t understand how with a 169 glucometer average I can reign in a 6.8 but knock that average down 15 and it goes UP. Ah well. I’m not worried about it all that much. I’m not so unhappy with it, and I know I’ll be back in the sixes next time. We all have our opportunities to step off the line every once in a while eh?

So here I am, anxiously awaiting said letter from my doctor to start the pursuit of not happiness, but the elusive CGMS system. I’ll let you know what happens with that.


Scott K. Johnson said...

Sometimes those numbers just don't add up do they! But that is still a very good A1C in my book.

Good luck with the CGMS stuff - that hypo unawareness is a scary thing to fight with.

Take care!

Major Bedhead said...

O had a 7 and 14 day average of 143 and 146. Her last a1C? 8.2% Sucks. I don't get it either.

That friggin' ROCKS on the CGMS. I'm sooooo jealous. Not of the hypos, of course, but that you're getting one.

Molly said...

It's so nice to have a "good" endo appointment. Glad that you made a shot plan. (now you'll never need it!) And the A1c...Dam diabetes. Makes no sense, and I think that you have the right attitude about it. :-)
Good luck on the CGMS. If I didn't have Dixie, I'd for sure need the same letter for my insurance company.
Have a good weekend.

Chrissie in Belgium said...

So happy things are going forward with your CGMS! I do not really think anyone truly understands all the elements that influence our HbA1c values..... There are too many weird results!

mysamiam said...

I think you are an amazing mom who doesn't let anything stop you. I hope you get what you need for your "pump thing" ( I am learning about diabeties acronyms from your blog). The waiting for insurance is the worst part.

Drea said...

Good luck with the CGMS! I swear by mine, but am fighting for insurance to is lifechanging!