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Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Duplicate Key

I know. I know. My drama surrounding the duplicate key has reached ridiculous levels. But….On the bright side. I am expecting receipt of said duplicate key sometime this week.

Several hours of headache and industrious “pissed off” letter writing later, that is.

And wonders that be, I of course received no apology, but I should assume that receipt of key is apology in and of itself? Or should I assume that receipt of duplicate key is more likely the Housing Coalition making sure that they “wipe” after they use the pot?

I’m thinking more along the lines of the latter.

Regardless, I’ll be doing some sort of inward (and outward) hootin and hollerin celebration once I have this hot little key in my hand. And then? I’m gonna hand it over to our PCA and move on with life.

Until next time. (God forbid).


Minnesota Nice said...

Great to have one problem solved. You made it happen and now can move on.
Is the garage problem also fixed?

Amberthyme said...

I'm so glad you've got the key now. That was really bizarre - too bad they couldn't give good customer service with a smile or at least an apology.