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Saturday, October 14, 2006

Baking with Splenda I did IT. I realize that IT could mean many different things to many different people, so I suppose I will elaborate a little further. I baked with Splenda.

Splenda and I have a weird relationship. I really really do NOT support artificial sweeteners. I think that God blessed us with so many natural sweet alternatives that taste SO much better and used in moderation and in appropriate combinations, these sweeteners really shouldn't send my blood sugars into kingdom come (except of course for honey, damn you honey!). The thing is though, that I secretly use splenda from time to time. I use it in plain oatmeal when I don't want to use an additional fifty cals that day on maple syrup or raw sugar and I also use it in the two cups of coffee I have per week (one on Saturday and one on Sunday). It is a hard habit to get out of and one that I am so deeply ashamed of (depending on the day!). I actually have a few dietary guilty secrets that go against everything I believe in concerning nutrition, and I DO plan to wipe my guilty conscience clean one day soon in a different post, but....not today!

Throughout this week I have had bananas, about 14 of them, steadily ripening and softening in my fruit bowl in the middle of my table. Watching time work it's mushy magic on my bananas fed my carbohydrate crazed "I should BAKE" craving.

I decided that it really, TRULY would be a sin to have to toss all these bananas, so I settled on banana nut bread. MMMMMMMM....Banana nut bread!

As my plan came closer to fruition, so my conscience came into play. "Wow, your blood sugars will soar with that, you can NEVER have just ONE piece of this stuff. Your hips are gonna expand like melting butter. Butter, there is BUTTER in this recipe! ACCCKKK!"

I chose a nice recipe from the Byerly's web site and off I was to the grocery store to stock up on the few things I needed to complete this recipe. With thoughts of jiggly hips and expanding thighs, I ultimately settled on buying Splenda (cup for cup measured like sugar) and LIGHT butter. I substituted half of the sugar with splenda and substituted light butter for the butter, and amazingly, things turned out pretty well!

I had not one, but TWO pieces, bolussed for 25g carb (I have no idea if I am even in the BALLPARK on this guesstimate), and we'll see how things go!

The fun REALLY starts tonight when Bob gets back from the cities and I have HIM try it. I, of course, won't mention that this is the LIGHT version! I hope he likes it!


Sarah said...

Well a 274 at an hour pp (correction!) and then 243 at 2 hour pp (another correction) and then finally normal 3 hours later, I think I underestimated carbs! Im thinking 15-20 carbs per slice....Ah well, it will serve me well to know this next time I make it! (or next slice I have)

Anne Findlay said...

So what did Bob say? They look yummy to me!