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Monday, October 30, 2006

Blood Sugars This Morning




These are three blood sugars from this morning. If they were mine, I would probably be fairly happy with this range of morning blood sugars. They aren't too low and they aren't over 200, and I probably don't feel like crap in this range.

The thing is though, these aren't my sugars this morning. These are my daughter's fasting blood sugars, with the 158 about an hour and a half after the first two readings.

I've taken her into the doctor this morning, as she's been having an array of disturbing symptoms (one more thing to add to my plate) and she also threw up this morning so I figured since I have to stay home anyway....The doctor isn't concerned about the blood sugars saying that they aren't high enough to be diabetic range and sometimes with sickness the blood sugars can rise slightly, as the body's natural response to sickness. The thing is though, I've had a high with Gracie once before (164) and through all of Sandis's six years and multiple blood sugar tests both sick and healthy, he's NEVER had an elevated sugar.

You better believe I am gonna keep on testing the peanut.......Today and from here on out until I'm convinced that this is normal, but I doubt I'll ever find comfort in fasting sugars that are in the 150's. It just is too high.


Major Bedhead said...

Can you insist that they do an antibody test? Isn't there another test they can perform, besides just a urine test? I thoght I'd heard of one - c-peptide or something.

Those numbers do seem a bit worrying. I'd be checking frequently, too. I'm sorry. I hope your doctor is right and that it's nothing.

Lili said...

Sorry to hear about this.

That doesn't sound right to me, but I do know diabetes in children is somewhat different from diabetes in adults. Have you ever been to the Children With Diabetes forums? There are a lot of parents there who might have helpful experience. I know you're a diabetic, but things have changed nowadays for kids.

Scott K. Johnson said...

Oh Sarah! When it rains it pours.

It does seem high - I'm wondering if the doc was an endo or just general practice? Might be worth the opinion of an endo.

That's a lot to deal with - and something I worry about with my kids too. As my friend George has said, we are probably much better prepared for the D than our parents were - though that's not exactly true in your case.


Please, let us know if there is anything we can do. I know that sounds cheesy on the big world of the Internet - but I really mean it.

Melissa said...

Seems to me that most of us would say that we were diagnosed with VERY elevated sugars... over 300 and up to the 600s. Also, seems that it was at these points we were losing more weight and experiencing heavier symptoms, but that our doctors would have all agreed that we had been exposed and diabetic for a time beforehand. Knowing this and knowing the way the honeymoon period works, I would demand some sort of test. Can you call one of the respectable hospitals (Joslin being one) or your own endocrinologist and ask for an opinion or a recommendation on what test you should ask for. 150 as an average indicates an A1C higher than some of our population have! Oh I really hope that we're all over reacting :( But as a mom you are not expected to be anything but cautious!

Minnesota Nice said...

Oh for pity damn sake! Not another ball to keep in the air. Yet, I think that all of us do tend to pounce on any little thing that's off-kilter - heck, when my nephew asked for a refill on his coke, I instantly thought, "oh, he's thirsty - he's got it".
But of course you can't let it go uninvestigated either. Hopefully the news will be good. Hang in there Sarah.