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Monday, October 30, 2006

I Should Move to the Cities (a Note About Some Lab Results)

Is it ever a good thing when your pediatrician calls you at home, at night, and leaves a message for you to call her back not tomorrow but tonight, about lab results?

I have to laugh, honestly. After a lifetime of trying to get doctors to call me back, they call me when I really don't want to hear from them! hehe....

So, on to Gracie's lab results. I figured this deserved a post, rather than nestling it as a reply in the comments, because well, it will only lead to future posts. Turns out Gracie's lab results are good, overall, all except for her urine catch....She's got ketones. They got her blood sugar at 131, but with loads of ketones. Considering that my daughter wakes up a few times at night to drink some water, we're guessing she wasn't dehydrated.

Gracie's pediatrician apparently called a pediatric endocrinologist in the cities to get her take on the situation, and her take is that Gracie needs to be seen at the endocrine clinic in the cities within the next two weeks. Her take is that this could be the beginning of diabetes, especially considering the family history. Gracie's ped. told me that they don't treat with insulin unless the fasting sugars are consistently over 150, and then she instructed me to start testing Gracie's fasting blood sugars. Today her fasting was 156.....And with extra ketones in her little body, no wonder she got sick and puked this morning.

Anyhow, I guess between Sandis being seen at the U of M wrapping up his PDD diagnosis and care plan, me starting care at the IDC and pursuing an islet transplant, and now Gracie beginning care at the pediatric endocrine clinic at the IDC sometime in the next two weeks as well, hell.....I may as well just LIVE in the cities. I may as well just LIVE at the damn doctor's office.

When I checked Gracie's blood sugar this morning and it was 156, I recoiled. When I tested again immediately and it was 149, I croaked. I mean, I let out a croak. I stood up and I walked across the room and I croaked a strangled moan again and sobbed. I was grateful for Bob's arms holding me, even though he didn't know what was wrong. I know that sugar isn't right. You know that sugar isn't right. You don't wake up with sugars in the 150's if you don't have endocrine issues. I don't want this, I pray this doesn't really happen and I don't want this to be the future for my little girl.

Sometimes stuff just happens. Me and diabetes. Sandis and PDD/Autism. Graice and diabetes? What cause do I pursue? Will we be a family of causes? Will I still have a freakin job?

All I can say is this, God has given me beautiful children, a beautiful life, and we are wonderful and whole, even with every little way that our bodies betray us. We are not meant to be on earth forever, but we treasure the time we spend here.

Oh, and I am so totally gonna kick ass at Tae Bo tomorrow. Damn diabetes bastardonian disease.


Minnesota Nice said...

Oh Sarah, I am so at a loss for words. I am going to borrow Scott's term - major suckage
I know your head must be flooded with mind-ramblings, but try to take one step at a time and rest between them, if you need to. You know how to navigate the medical maze and will get the appropriate help for both of your little jewels.

Keith said...

Sarah, this is one of my biggest fears that one of my boys would become T1 or even T2 for that matter. So far so good on that front.

As far a moving goes, I would do whatever it takes to get the medical care and/or income it takes for your family. We live in a smaller town and I'm fed up with the lack of knowledgable D Drs and the lack of opportunity.

art-sweet said...


I think that expresses it pretty clearly. I'm thinking of you, Sarah. And sending you some virtual finnish licorice.

Major Bedhead said...

Crap. I'm sorry. I was hoping that wasn't the problem.

I second the suggestion in the previous set of comments about checking out the Children With Diabetes website. There's an email list for parents of kids with D that I've found to be incredibly helpful and supportive (most of the time). The site itself has tons of information.

*sigh* I hate this damned disease.

Scott K. Johnson said...


We're all thinking of you and your family. I know that there is really not much we can do for you, but I hope you feel comfortable asking if you need anything.


You are a very incredibly strong woman, and you will pull through this with amazing grace and determination.