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Sunday, October 08, 2006

My Adventures in Food - The last two weeks revisited

Man oh man have I eaten some good food these past couple of weeks! I'd like to try to get up a post about food every week, but with illness being my fond friend these past few weeks, I've run a bit behind. But I have been taking pictures! I've also discovered an awesome snack food that doesn't cause my blood sugars to reach for the stars. Over the past couple of weeks I have been taking my symlin less and less. I find that if my blood sugar is under 100 that it will tend to cause a low, and more and more symlin is my partner for breakfast only. It just seems to me like there are instances where symlin really is necessary to help achieve the more normal sugars I like, but that in most instances, I eat fairly appropriate carbs for my body and my digestion is slow enough that I'm not really needing the symlin like I thought I would.

This awesome snack food I found is soy chips. I know it sounds pretty gross, and at 4 bucks a bag, this stuff it NOT cheap! It also isn't low calorie at about 150 cals for 20 chips. Damn! is it tasty though! It runs at about 5 grams of carbs per serving and is seasoned really tastily. I encourage you to give it a try if your pocketbook can absorb the expense, as this is sure to be something you'll want to buy again.

As I've been using symlin less and less, I've noticed some things about my digestive patterns. I digest food much faster in the morning, and much much slower in the evening. That means I can safely eat some higher glycemic index foods at night without shooting for the moon with my sugars. The problem is, though, eventually this food does digest, and I'm looking at around 3 to 4 hours after I eat my dinner or snack, I'm having a high blood sugar (but not as high as it would be in the morning with the same meal!). That means that although I like the carbs, I've been trying to cut those back at night for snacks and dinner as well. For dinner I've tried things like pork w/ bbq sauce. This bbq sauce is an organic blend I bought from the coop, I really don't know the name of it, but it is limited in the amount of sugars in it so it isn't like eating candy on your meat. Fairly tasty. I also have pictured the Men's Bread I so love, which is 5 g. of carbs per slice (and like 7 grams of fiber!) Makes for a tasty meal!

I've been doing pretty good with managing that later spike with my dinners, but for snacks I've had to ditch my lovely oatmeal and heavy carb laden snacks so I've been trying stuff like this ezekiel 4:9 tortilla with scrambled eggs that are mixed with cottage cheese. Low carb, and doesn't spike my blood sugars quite as bad later at night when everything catches up to me. Keeps me regular too! You probably don't need to know that though! Good thing about these Ezekiel 4:9 products is that they are flour free, very low in carbs, and are absorbed slowly and consistently by your body. This makes for an easy slow change in blood sugars!

Lastly, I made some cookies. Because I LOVE cookies! These are five grain cookies sweetened not with sugar but with pure maple syrup (best thing ever!) and lots of cinnamon....So tasty!


Minnesota Nice said...

I don't live very far from the French Meadow Bakery, where they make the Men's Bread. Funny, I never even thought of trying it - what power a name has. They also make Women's Bread, which has a bunch of things that contain phytoestrogens and will regulate your hormones blah blah blah.
French Meadow also has the most wonderful bakery treats.
Have a good week ahead.

Sarah said...

Minnesota Nice,
Before yesterday I hadn't even realized that this bakery was in the cities! Bob and I are going to a massage parlor grand opening this weekend of a friend of his, and I've convinced him to take us out to eat there. Plus I want to check out what they actually have at the bakery, especially in sprouted grain specialty items (tortillas, breads, english muffins). There are a few types I've seen on the web site but not in the local stores. I've tried the women's bread, and I don't use that because it has cranberries, and not all sandwiches really call for that cranberry flavor. The men's bread with the pumpkin seeds and other seeds tastes pretty good with everything, although it is pretty fibrous. It takes some getting used to. It tastes pretty good though and is easy on my blood sugars.