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Monday, October 23, 2006

Going High and Mighty on the Weekend

Holey Moely, what the heck is going on? Actually, it isn’t like this is anything new…It is just that now that my weekday sugars are so much closer to what I want them to be, that it is so much more striking that my weekend sugars are such a ridiculous mess.

Case in point –
Weekday Average = 145.6
Weekend Average = 174.92

Iccckkk. I mean, I am okay with the weekday 145.6 average, because I know that that actually isn’t that bad. Eventually if I eliminate my nasty lows and some of my highs, that I’ll probably still average around that anyways. It is that weekend thing.

I even know why my weekend sugars are rotten. Yesterday, I ate ¾ of a bag of good n plenty’s. (Bangs head on desk). I checked my blood sugar after dinner and clocked in at 87. Wooohooooo! So me, in my weekend rationality, figure hey! That’s low enough to snack on a small amount of good n plenty’s. The thing is though, once that bag is open it is sayonara sister to any remaining good n plenty’s. And it really doesn’t matter where I hide the bag. Unless I throw it away, that bag and all of its contents is truly truly out of luck. I also am a snackaholic. I take a bite of this, handful of that, sip of this n that…..MMMM, why oh why is my blood sugar in the 200’s? Damn weekends….

I can counter with the high stress of the past few days, and that makes sense, but really, I know I’m obsessively stuffing my face in response to the stress, and that on the weekends, I stuff my face with so much more EASE than any other time. (Sighs and looks at waistline)…..

Soooo, I am brainstorming ideas to secularize my blood sugar scrutiny so that the weekend has a separatist feeling. This way I can more closely look ONLY at what I am doing on the weekend. That way I can feel super guilty about the choices I’m making, and perhaps the guilt will eat my obsessive eating patterns alive and waaaalaaaaa I will magically have perfect sugars. Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa. I’ll tell you how that goes for me.


art-sweet said...

Good n' Plentys are SO my downfall.

I ate a box of them yesterday.

Kevin said...

You've just described my life.

140s during the week (though on a really, REALLY good week I might crack a high 120s average, and a really good week might be in the 130s... but most often, it's in the 140s and 150s), and then up around 170-190 over the weekends.

Same bad snacking habits, too. I've got a tupperware of peanuts & chocolate chips that I've been tagging pretty regularly. These were ostensibly for the camping weekend I went on two weeks ago, but they didn't go, so I'm now responsible for polishing them off!

I've contemplated (more than once) just emptying the entire container into the garbage.

I feel so weak sometimes...

Scott K. Johnson said...

I wonder if there are any of us that can say their weekends are as good or better than their weekdays.

Routines are thrown off so bad - and I don't know about you, but half the time I'm just flying by the seat of my pants and hoping for the best.

I too am a snacker, and stress just sets it off. Bad. And you have certainly had more than your share of stress the past few days. Again, don't add more stress by fretting about BG's. The right time will come when you can strap down and figure it out.

I am so in touch with what Kevin said too - about feeling so weak sometimes. I mean, what is so hard about just saying "no"?