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Thursday, October 05, 2006

My Blood Sugars Have Been Terrible!

My blood sugars have been terrible. Take a glance at yesterday’s numbers. ICK. It seems as though the only in-range number I have is um, ONE. I also forgot to put new test strips in my bag, so I actually ran out of strips at work. I have REALLY been trying with my blood sugars lately, but honestly, when I am sick I just care less and less as what I do affects less and less.

I picked up an opportunistic cold while down with my kidney infection. The past month has been really rough concerning illnesses and the close relationship I’m having with them. I’ve really been working on my intimacy factors with augmentin and most recently levaquin. Excuse me while I hack ……..

Unfortunately those wonderful drugs will help my ailing lungs and kidney inflammation, but they know buggerboo about how to kick the common cold. In the mean time, I’m spending more time high than I have since college (more than likely in two different senses of the word!).

I also haven’t exercised much this week. I KNOW that I am sick and skipping the intense exercise routine Sunday through Thursday this week is totally acceptable, but damn……I HATE being sick….


Minnesota Nice said...

How about diligently testing bg but then realizing that your meter is not calibrated to your new box of strips? What kind of dodo-bird mentality is that? Chaos abounds - maybe it's a "change of seasons" transitional thing.

Sarah said...

hahaha! Do you have any idea how many times I've done that? I never really noticed much of a difference in the blood sugars though, which makes me wonder why they actually do it?

Scott K. Johnson said...

You mean there's a code to calibrate your meter?!?

Just kidding. Sorry, I couldn't resist.

My numbers have been crap too. So much so that I feel like I need to tear myself down and start over.

But it's so big that it's intimidating. Such a big job. Where to start?

I'll be posting about that soon I think - I can just feel a post begging to work its way out.

Sarah said...

Scott, around six months or so ago my endo and I decided to switch me from 8basals/day to 2 basals/day. I had had the pump almost 11 years at that point and my basals had morphed into something crazy and no one knew exactly why they were what they were. So we cut them back and I promised to do a bunch of basal testing (and I did!). I now have four basals, and I feel a lot more confident in my daytime basals now. I am such a nighttime snackaholic though that I still haven't managed to effectively basal test from 10pm-5am...