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Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Pumpkin Adventures and Other Such Things

So yep, we carved a pumpkin. And it was FUN! Mom (me) has had a lot on her mind these past few days, so it was nice to let Bob the Builder (if only the pumpkin builder) take over and entertain the kids in something as fabulous as creating a pumkinonian work of art.

The kids got to get their hands into some of nature’s true slime (thankfully not too much ended up on the floor)

Sandis got to try his hand at carving….(although please don’t try this at home with truly sharp objects, even our end result wasn’t that great, as at least one scrape resulted!)

And we all finished off with a fabulous pumpkin, completely designed by Sandis, with a full assist going to Gracie Ardith.

When all was said and done, the kids refueled their engines with some veggies and fruit. Well Gracie settled for a salad, and Sandis went wild with a peanut butter banana.

And………just to end things on a good note….check out Gracie’s boots……They are on the wrong feet!


Scott K. Johnson said...

Ha! That's great!!

Thanks for sharing!

Anonymous said...

Sarah, thanks for stopping by my blog! Your kids are so adorable! I love play by play photos!

Flmgodog said...

Great pumpkins. I took my fustrations out on two big pumpkins about two weeks ago. I hadn't carved a pumpkin in a LOOOONNNGGG time.
It's fun to get your hands in the goop!!