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Sunday, October 22, 2006

These Past Few Days...

So, obviously I have something new to think about and occupy myself with these days! I'd expect to see a few PDD-NOS and Autism links and references popping up around here in the near future, once I get the opportunity to find a few places I like (which I have). My blood sugars have been pretty rough, my diet has been even rougher, and exercise, what the hell is that? I can't even begin to fully count how many calories I consumed yesterday, but I'm thinking probably around 2500. I did that on Thursday night too, so I'm certainly on a roll.

My knee is doing well, my right medial meniscal tear, and last week I had taken my running up to 3.9 miles (woohoo!) but this week it is back problems. My knee problem was actually a direct result of my back problem. I sprained my sacral iliac joint last December and now I have a tilted sacral iliac joint (on the right) that can cause some pretty rough times the more tilted it is. I have been doing my physical therapy, and I have a stinky fat gut sacral iliac brace I have to wear, but these past two days have been pretty unmanageable where pain is concerned. I ended up calling Bob AND my mom (AACK!) sobbing yesterday as I struggled to drive and move my arms despite terrible back spasming. Today I am sitting very still with occasional back spasms as I sit here typing to you. My back is causing me problems and I may have to go to a medical doctor in addition to my physical therapist to try and rein my pain in. Running is pretty much out of the question at this point!

I'm really hoping that I manage to pull out of this, stop stuffing my face, and feel in control of my situation fairly soon. Yesterday I used almost 55 units of insulin, which is insane because normally I only use around 35 per day. My stress levels have been high, I am wanting to isolate myself, and I'm not making a whole bunch of sense right now!

Things are mellow with the kids, and we are carving pumpkins today (with Bob). Sandis is super excited because I told him we would enter the pumpkin in a pumpkin carving contest and he could win 10 bucks! His entire world has been lit up about this pumpkin since then.

What are your plans for Halloween? Sandis is going to be a red power ranger (I can't even begin to tell you how much I hate power rangers) and Gracie, she is going to be a princess. Which she is, and she acts like one too! I was a smart money saving mum when the kids wanted fancy plastic candy containers for halloween and I redirected to 42cent spongebob and spiderman bags that are "cool! and look how much more candy they can hold! (that I will eat half of)"

So uh, here's to candy, rotten blood sugars (i've been too close and personal with the 300 range lately), halloween, expanding bums, expanding knowledge about autism and mostly
Here's to life just getting back to normal.


Minnesota Nice said...

Oh hell, when it rains it pours. Seems like you are being pelted from every direction. Just keep moving forward.

Minnesota Nice said...

Oh hell, when it rains it pours. Seems like you are being pelted from every possible direction. Just keep on movin' forward.

GClef1970 said...

I just left you a comment on the previous post, but I just wanted to send hugs your way. Having been there, my heart goes out to you right now.

Chris said...

Thnks for the comment you left on my site! I really love when people drop in and say hi and leave me with some great kind words.
Your eyes popped out when i mentioned NPH, as did mine when you said 35 to 55 units a day.Holy wow!
I cannot fathom that yet since emma is only on 2 units per day. Buti guess it is all relative and we are lucky we discovered this so early.
I really hope you can get your pain under control soon. I have more or less cronic back pain and when it is good its good but when its bad its bad.
But as long as your son tries towin that 10 bucks everything is good.
Take care

art-sweet said...

We have a family friend whose daughter has PDD. She's a wonderful kid. Not "normal" but wonderful all the same.

Cut yourself some slack on the BG front - you're dealing with a lot right now!

Scott K. Johnson said...

Thinking of you and your family. Dealing with all of that and the pain on top is just a lot to handle.

Do the best you can, and don't worry about the rest.

The time will come when you can reign things back under control.

Anonymous said...

I was hit by a car in 2003 (yes as a pedestrian) and I broke my pelvis in three places and have sacral iliac problems as well, (with a whole bunch of other things too like breaking my leg, ankle etc..)they say I need surgery and that, it will help but, i am afraid, anyway go to pain management if you can, they will shoot some meds into your joint that will relieve some of the pain. It will help for a little while at least.

Sarah said...

I wonder if what they shoot in your joint has steroids....Cause I swore to never do the steroid shot thing again, it really really screwed up my blood sugars!