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Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Where Do You Keep Your Stash?

So….where do you keep yours? I keep mine in my bra. Typically. I mean, unless my outfit dictates that I should place it elsewhere. Ya know, I don’t need the entire world to know about my stash……er….my pump. Perhaps the days of “where I keep my stash” were retired after college, but ya know, I still stash away my pump, keeping the feeling alive and well!

I wear my pump in my bra, pretty much everyday. I’m not very well endowed, but I manage fairly well with the assistance of “water” bras (okay not really, but I remember those when they first came out!) and excessive padding. As a result of this, I have an annoying habit of lifting my shirt either up or down in public. I also rearrange in public, much like the crotch rearranging that drives us women up the wall about men. I ALSO have a musical bra. It has been commented on more than once, and when I actually had a functioning remote, I could make it beep any old time I wanted without touching my chest at all! (Pump musicians UNITE!)

Today I took my pump out of its aforementioned location to look for the number for Minimed (the best place to find their phone number!). Man this pump is nasty. Crusty. Just not pretty. This pump goes everywhere, sees every drop of sweat that accumulates between my paltry girls, and let me tell you it is really showing the wear. I tried cleaning out the ridges with my fingernails. No such luck, my fingernails are neither long nor tough enough to handle this grime. Gross. Me. Out.

So tell me….Am I the only pumper that has this problem? I’m assuming I am not the only one (maybe this assumption is taking my acceptance of this grime too far) and I’m hoping for some great ideas for ways to clean out this crusty mess. Perhaps even ideas that don’t include using a pocketknife, although I do have one that may see some pump action if all else fails!


Melissa said...

Have you tried alcohol swabs? How about a toothpick. I haven't kept a pump around long enough to really have this problem. :)

Lyrehca said...

Oh, the inside of my pump is full of dust. Minimed used to send a little brush along with the batteries to clean the inside out, sort of like a mini-toothbrush. You could also try a Q-tip. I just live with the dust, myself.

Sarah said...

I don’t have alcohol swabs (and haven’t for a really really long time, like years) but I think I may try the toothpick idea. It is like crusty gunk in all the crevasses on the outside of the pump. I haven’t even LOOKED at the inside. I’m not even sure I want to go there. But then again, where the reservoir goes is different than it was like with my 508, because I know the inside of that would get nasty. I once had a white 508, and it didn’t stay white long! I do remember the brushes though…

Laura said...

I have a mini med 508 and its full of junk . it also has nicks and dings in fron dropping it so many times. its gross

Bernard said...


I've used a really small screwdriver to clean that junk out. Like the screwdriver you'd use to adjust glasses with.

It's amazing what you'll find in there!

Anne Findlay said...

I used an alcohol swab on my animas the other day because I thought, "This is gross." My next thought was, "Wow, alcohol really works!"

On another thought, I should really clean my blood meter case etc. It has seen better days and is starting to look ragged. It doesn't bother me but who knows who I may be grossing out.

I just wear my pump on my hip or in a pocket. I don't like the clip the pump comes with, though. It's too bulky.

I am carrying so much D-crap these days...I might need one of those carpenter tool belts or something.